Separate vocals from music

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How to remove vocals from a song?

Once you upload your song, an AI-based algorithm processes it and separates the vocal from instruments. It creates two mp3 files (vocal and music) which you can download them. The music file only contains the music where the vocal is removed and the vocal file only contains the vocal sound where the music is removed.
To be able to upload your song you need to make an account first. Please check the prices before making an account.

Your file should be in mp3 format and it only take about a minute to process it. Please read our FAQ at the bottom of the page if you have any further question.

"Sometime music is the only medicine the heart and soul needs. We are very pleased that we could provide such a service for people to be entertained."

Girl singing karaoke

Listen to the Demo:

Title Original Instrumental Vocals

AMIGAMAN - Head high

KATY PERRY - Chained To The Rhythm

SASY - Doctor